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Advocacy Explained.

Advocacy is a widely used and misunderstood term. To some, it means pouring every cent you have into fighting for what you believe. To others, it is simply educating others in something you are passionate about. In this industry, it does not take much to be an advocate.
While some believe that shop owners and industry professionals are advocating because they are only concerned with their profits, that misconception is not true. There are many shops that have the right frame of mind, especially since the deeming has silenced them in their efforts.
Consumers have the advantage in this battle. We are the ones that support the shops and the companies in this industry. If we do not support shops and companies then this industry will no longer exist. That's why it is vital for us to be educated and support local business that supports advocacy. When a shop supports advocacy, they are supporting us.
Here, you can find advocacy organizations and movements that you can participate in. It does not take much to help and be apart of something bigger. Our hopes is that you can find one (or two) organizations to support, as well as find out different ways you can help.

Advocacy Organizations.

Active Consumer Movements.

Following the FDA regulations, a lot has changed in the advocacy game. Shops and industry professionals are more silenced than ever when it comes to speaking the truth about advocacy and the benefits of vaping. Below we have listed many ways ANY person can help. Simple movements that you may have seen before, or are new ideas that can arouse a new perspective on how you can get involved. Always remember, it doesn't take much to be an advocate, but it does take something!


‘Consumer Take Over’ is where consumers go to their local shops and peacefully rallies. At the rally (which can be one person, or a multitude of people), individuals stand with posters or signs stating factual evidence or a personal experiences about vaping. Suggestions for posters include:
1. Vaping is 95% safer.
2. Vaping Saved My Life
3. The FDA cannot silence consumers.
4. Our government is trying to hide the truth that vaping saves lives.
5. Tobacco has 6 thousands chemicals while e-liquid has 4 ingredients.
6. There is no tobacco in vaping.
7. Vaping is not smoking.
8. The Royal College of Physicians deemed vaping 95% safer, including the unknowns.
9. It's vapor, not smoke.
10. (Your personal story)
This rally does not take place within the shop, but outside to gain attention to the injustice that has been done to the industry. Essentially, we are rallying on behalf of the store, but the store in no way is affiliated with the rally. Remember to take photos and post on social media to make others aware of what they can do.
Don’t forget to #consumertakeover


A social media based movement discussing how vaping has saved your (your family, your friends, etc.) life. Here you would make a short video or write a short post discussing the benefits of vaping and how it helped you quit traditional tobacco (or perhaps other addictions). The premise of this movement is to share this on your preferred social media outlet, to bring awareness to other vapers, as well as non-vapers. Non-vapers are an essential and vital need in our continuous efforts. Being able to properly inform non-vapers (and perhaps non-believers) of how this life saving technology has profoundly impacted someone close to them could gain another proponent for this industry war. Your heartfelt and meaningful story IS important and needs to be heard! Don’t forget to


Most of us have heard of 'Sponsor A Smoker'... but usually shops did that. Thank you to the deeming regulations, shops are not allowed to give anything away for free. One of the greatest things about being a consumer is that YOU can give things away for free (of course only giving this away to people over the age of 18 or 21 depending on where you live)!! I am sure most of us have an old EGO pen laying around... and I am sure we all know a smoker that needs to quit. Maybe you can PIF (pay it forward) that old EGO pen to a smoker in need. The best part is that you can give them one-on-one help in their beginning efforts to stop smoking. Also, if you are financially able to and have the blessing as a loyal customer in one of your local shops, maybe your local shop could offer you a discount on a starter kit? We all know the first initial plunge into vaping can seem intimidating. But, usually basic starter kits aren't very expensive, and with a discount, offering to purchase someone's first starter kit could cause a trend within your local vaping community! Again, this option may not be for everyone, but it is a wonderful gesture and a pretty surefire way to get someone starting in the right direction. Don't forget to document how you #sponsorasmoker!


Write your state Senators and Governors to educate them about the benefits of vaping, as well as your personal testimony. Don't forget, a handwritten letter is just as, if not more, impactful. Below are the links to e-mail or physically write your State Representatives and Elected Officials.

Contact Senators

Contact Governers

You will see a lot of templates from various advocacy organizations, and although those are great, it may not always be the best. When a State Official or Representative reviews a letter, each similar (ones with the same template) form letter are typically counted as one response. Therefore, make each letter as personal and heartfelt as you are comfortable with sharing. Don't forget to be factual. Here are some key points of what you should include in your letter:
1. Dear 'Full Name'.
2. State your full name and location (city, state and county/province).
3. Remain professional and cordial , discuss what vaping has done for you.
4. Discuss amendments or issues you feel need to be done to help resolve the injustice to the vaping community. Use factual evidence.
5. Say your personal testimonial.
6. Close by stating your appreciation.
7. Sign with your full name, both in printed and an actual signature.

Let us remember that you are talking to an Elected Official. He/she is your voice that you help elect into office, so you need to make sure your voice is heard. Remain respectful and professional, but firm in your convictions. Remember to take photos and post on social media your contribution to the #communicatetoadvocate movement.

Or, you can text 'resist' to 50409, respond to the reply text with your zip code, and like magic, all of the e-mail's and address' you need to contact your state officials!


The most simple way to make your efforts count. Yes, this usually costs money... but take a second to think about this... Obviously doing anything will help, but money talks. Advocacy organizations cost money to run and fight the legal fight to help regulate these overreaching regulations. A lot of people still have the mindset that 'someone else will take care of it'. Well, that is simply not the case. Imagine if every vaper donated just $1.00. That could potentially be hundreds of thousands of dollars towards advocacy efforts. One dollar is simple pocket change that I am sure is either in your couch cushions or car floor. Yes, some people may not even be able to afford a dollar, but most everyone can donate some sort of monetary donation. This is where one usually starts hearing the questions about what advocacy organization to donate to, questioning the legitimacy of the organization, questioning the transparency of the organization, questioning where exactly the money is going; you get the drift. A few things that need to be mentioned.
1. It is vitally important for every person that is going to donate to do your research (You can start by checking out the advocacy organizations above).
2. Any legitimate advocacy organization should have no issues with transparency or information on where their donations have gone to, or where new donations are going.
3. Each advocacy group does fight the industry's war in different ways. Find out which one you want support the most.
4. Do not mistake advocacy organizations operational costs as anything more than that. Advocacy organizations do cost money to operate. A lot of organizations do a lot of things out of pocket, but are in no way able to fully function without help. That would be like asking you to run a large, functioning organization completely out of pocket. If you think you can do that, then please do! Remember, a lot of these advocacy organizations are run by average, passionate people with average incomes. Again, simply do your research.
5. Lastly, you don't have to donate a lot of money to make an impact. Again, if every vaper donated $1.00, the totals would be staggering and our army HUGE!
None of the above should be a deterrent to stop you from donating. If you had the few minutes it took you to review this site, you should have the few minutes it would take to review an organization. Every cent counts, relying on shops and industry professionals to be a large portion of donations is not going to be enough anymore.
Be proud of your donation! Let other know where you #donate

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