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Our Mission.

Consumers for Advocacy’s mission is to inspire consumers to crusade for the unification of all vapers, so that we can help protect this life saving industry. We are here to provide information that assist consumers in obtaining the ability to do their due diligence, as well as promote positive actions to help fight against the overreaching FDA regulations. These actions, our main concentration, are non-violent movements that inform, educate, and provide new options for non-vapers and vapers alike to create positive impacts on the face of vaping. Ultimately, our goal is a coalition of consumers to spread the truth about vaping via a hands on social media approach, as well as a physical presence nationwide.

Who We Are.

We are vapers. We are the coil builders, the cloud chuckers, the tricksters and the modders... We are open-system users, closed-system users, drippers and tankers... We are ex-smokers, current smokers and people who have never picked up a cigarette... We are newbies, vets and advocates... We are brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers... We are dedicated... We are passionate… We are united... We are consumers.

Why Are We Here?

Our purpose is to educate and motivate the consumer population. Our goal is to get the consumer population to ban together and change this industries ‘new’ standard that the FDA has unrightfully and immorally bestowed upon us. We are here to express information that is not biased and is backed by scientific research. We will support those findings with medical reports, sourced articles and professionals in and out of the industry. We will act on the principle of being the voice and the hands of the stores that can no longer give valid support for the benefits of this life saving technology, or unable to have the physical approach to teaching safety and proper use.

United, our impact will be strong and our actions will change this industry.

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Testimonials From Other Vapers.

I started smoking when I was 17, at the time I was on the drum line, and smoking was killing me while at it. Smoking just seemed to be the normal thing to do around the people I was with. Once I discovered vaping, keeping active and healthy became a lot easier, I've never looked back.

Vaping for 3 years.
Cooper Key, Age 21, Clearwater FL
When I was 8 years old I stole a pack of my old man's cigarettes. Marlboro Reds. My brother and I sat in the garage and smoked the whole pack. We thought smoking was cool. The adults in our lives smoked. Some of our friends were doing it. Thus began the habit. We had no idea what we were doing to our bodies or how cigarettes would affect us in the years to come. I smoked 1-2 packs of cigarettes a day for over 20 years. It took it's tole on every single aspect of my life. I tried countless times to quit. I used gum. I used patches. I used pills. I went cold turkey. And time after time I came back to smoking. Then in October of 2015 I tried vaping. It was hit and miss at first but by November I was able to put the stinkies down all together. I feel better. I can breathe. I can taste my food. I don't smell like an ash tray. I'm not hacking self induced sickness out of my lungs. Life is better. The Royal College of Physicians recently ruled that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. 95%. The FDA also recently passed deeming regulations on vaping that are ultimately geared toward putting the industry out of business. In the next 2 years these regulations will destroy tens of thousands of small businesses and dissolve hundreds of thousands of jobs across America. Millions of people will lose this life saving alternative to smoking. Billions more will never get the chance to use it. I decided to write this because most of the people I have talked to about vaping know nothing about it and have no opinion or have been wildly misinformed. Vaping saved my life and I am passionate about preserving my right to do it.

Vaping for 1 year.
Jesse Pankratz, Age 34, McPherson KS
I was around smoking my whole life. My whole family was filled with smokers. Had my first cigarette at a ripe old age of 8 years old.. But I didn't start smoking on a regular basis till I was 17 years old. My addiction got so bad that I was smoking up to 3 packs a day. I was introduced to e-cigarettes when I was 29 years old. By this time I had already tried the gum, patches, pills, cold turkey, and some other ways. None of them ever worked and sadly the first ecig did not work either (Old tech was not very good). Then after a few more years of on and off vaping and smoking I was introduced to the updated vape products at the age of 32. I bought one and that weekend I quit for good. It's now been over 3.5 years since I last touched a tobacco cigarette. I can now enjoy the outdoors again without feeling like I can't catch my breath. My lungs no longer hurt, my allergies are not as bad as they used to be, and I hardly if ever get sick now. I no longer hack out my lungs every morning. I feel that vaping gave me a new lease on life. I am no longer addicted to something that will eventually kill me. Vaping was able to ween me off nicotine and now I can go days without my vape and not feel the urge. The one thing that it hit was the "hand-to-mouth" addiction that I had from smoking that none of the other smoking cessation products could do. Plus it taste great and doesn't make me smell horrible. By sharing my journey with my friends online I was able to reach hundreds of thousands of others and was able to help them get away from tobacco cigarettes. I am proud to say I have helped thousands get away from that horrible addiction. My life has changed completely thanks to vaping.

Vaping for 3.5 years.
Ray Lopez, Age 36, Mesa AZ
I was one of the rarities that did not even think of picking up a cigarette until the age of 18. I first began smoking while I worked at a local pizza shop. I had worked there 2.5 years and noticed the only way you really got a break was if you were a smoker. So I asked a coworker for a cigarette and the downward spiral began. Fast forward 13 years, still a pack a day smoker. My physical health suffering (weekly migraines, out of control blood pressure, shortness if breath) and I had tried nearly every method available. Cold turkey was impossible, Zyban worked for a short time, Chantix worked but the side effects were terrible to say the least, hypnosis worked for 3 days. I had been seeing internet friends boast about the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes, so I decided to try that route. It was 6 days before my oldest daughters birthday when I made the trip to a local (1 hr away, but vaping was in it's infancy) vape shop and picked up a variable voltage mod and a few juices. Since that day I have tried a cigarette 3 times, each time resulting in 3 puffs followed by gagging and throwing it out. I have been vaping 3 years now and refuse to go back and refuse to give up what has proven to save me from a slow death.

Vaping for 3 years.
Joshua Smith, Age 35, Napoleon OH
Started smoking regularly at about 17, was around smoking all my life. I have tried patches cold turkey and even tried cig-a-likes over the years. The N-joy back 2007-08 area was the first time I tried vaping, sorry to say it didn't work. So smoking 2 packs a day on average, if going to a pool hall or bar add a pack or more. Fast forward to December 2014, I got a vision spinner. Trying to quit with that during 1 of the coldest winters I can remember, juice getting so thick burning coils or get back in the work van and it warming up and leaking. Took me about a month to get down to just a few cigarettes a day. Then came that day January 14 2015 i fought off the urge all day. The first of many smoke free days to come. As a reward for that milestone day I upgraded. Before January was over I had bought a dripper started watching videos and learning to build. On to the end of March, lit a cigarette for someone, but that what would seem to have been a mistake was the best thing ever. That cigarette taste so nasty, it just made such a lasting memory. That it is a mistake not to be repeated. Soon there after I found I really enjoyed building coils and wrapping wire. It became my way stress relief, although it started as just a away to keep my mind occupied. I found this little group of wire nuts like myself self calling themselves coil-heads. Fast forward again a few months I'm hanging out in shops build for people, teaching them to build for themselves. I found an extended family or community. Moving on to the 1 year anniversary of quitting, by this time and many upgrades in equipment giving many setups to people to help them find there way to stop smoking. Explaining the health benefits not what was told to me or something I read, something from the heart how much better I felt, how my breathing had improved. And possibly the greatest thing of all how much better food taste, or the fact that you don't smell like the bottom of an ashtray. That's the way it happened and I know it to be true because i lived it. I will be around to see my boy grow up because of vaping. No more days of waking up coughing. No more being of breath from climbing a set of stairs. I have been vaping long enough to have seen the benefits and feel them. Vaping saves lives.

Vaping for X years.
Joseph Chaney, Age 42, Collinsville MS
I picked up smoking by swiping them from any family member at age 8 and was full on smoking nearly a PAD by the time I was 14. Jim was a long haul truck driver and picked up smoking in his 30's. We hooked up nearly 5yrs ago, both with serious health issues. His were smoking related, mine were a combo of smoking related and a birth defect in my back causing osteoporosis at age 19, which smoking only made worse. We've both had our fair share of major operations but the worst of them was when Jim lost blood flow to his right leg due to vascular disease. He had veins grafted from his right arm and left leg into his right leg. We had been meddling with vaping with cigalikes, cartos, punched cartos, vision spinners and those plastic silica wick tanks that leaked everywhere or had you vaping burnt silica wick. Jim's first vascular grafts failed due to him being released from the hospital and immediately grabbing his smokes. They did another graft with pig arteries and once again, at release, he wanted smokes. We were both basically just vaping in places where we couldn't smoke and smoking whenever we could. Finally, his doc said he would have to have his right leg amputated. He had the surgery scheduled and everything. We went to the vape shop and picked up a pair of Sig 100w and Aspire Atlantis tanks and I was able to quit rather quickly. He needed the tight draw of a Naut tank so I got him one of those and he finally managed to quit as well. He went in for a pre op evaluation and they were hearing pulses in his leg!! There had never been enough blood flow to close up the original wounds on his leg from the first graft but since there were pulses, they put off the amputation. Little by little, his massive wounds healed and he still has his right leg!! Neither of us have any interest in smoking ever again. He's down to 1.5-3mg while I'm happy at 9mg due to my autism and anxiety issues. I don't plan to quit vaping as it helps much more than any anti anxiety med and he likes the flavors to keep him from snacking on junk food all the time.

Vaping for X years.
Kelli Parsons Age 37, & Jim Middleton Age 63, Salt Lake City UT
Used to be a 20 a day smoker since the age of 21. Vaping allowed me to quit, where patches and gum failed, I even tried cold turkey but that was hopeless, cigarettes had me hooked. I've always been a hardcore outdoor person, climbing, surfing and snowboarding have always been major passions in my life. But as I got older, I noticed my capacity to do the things I loved, starting to diminish. In short my health was deteriorating due to my habit. I fell upon vaping relatively late and started out with a penstyle ecig, unfortunately this wasn't enough for me and I would hop back and forth between that and regular cigarettes. Then one day a good friend introduced me to atomisers, that changed everything. It gave me the hit I needed and the satisfaction of a good draw. Pretty much straight after that I found Coil Craft and with the help of the members within started to learn the art of coil building. This was what ultimately got me away from the analogues. When ever I felt the urge to smoke I would build a coil, I did a lot of posting in those early days. The end result is, I've made many new friends from all over the world, I also have my health and strength back.

Vaping for 2 years.
James Mowl Age 45, France.
Started smoking back in Junior High school (7th grade). Smokes were easy to get and you were cool if ya smoked! As the years progressed I smoked more, 2 packs a day at times. It was nothing to light up working in a factory. That's when you could do that. Back in 2000 i spent 2 times in the hospital. Found out I had Asthma. Slowed down but never stoped. I tried them E sig's it helped but still smoked. Then just last October I meet a guy that had this cool mod. Never knew E sig's were like that! He told me ya got to try the flavors. I did and now almost 1 year free from smoking combustible sig's! Can't stand the smell of them things anymore. But now I am on the path to better health. My Asthma is slowly backing off. Still have a few days that are hard but my breathing is better i can take deep breaths again. I now wake up and do not hack up a lung. I have lowered my nicotine level from 16mg to 3mg. I also find myself not vaping as much. As time progresses I will put vaping away and be 100% free from nicotine !

Vaping for 1 year.
Paul Smith Age 43, Gibsonburg Ohio.